Pure Grain Whole Wheat Atta - 5 Kg

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  • Why PURE GRAIN (The Organic Wheat Flour) is necessary for Healthy Life?We need to understand the wheat grain Anatomy. The 2nd Pic of the wheat kernel (Grain) shows the complete ingredients of the grain which are necessary for health.WHOLE GRAIN (MEAL): Whole grains are foods that contain the entire plant kernel that is humanly edible, whereas refined (White Flour) grains are products that are stripped of the more coarse, fibrous part of the kernel as well as germ or seed. Wholemeal (100%) flour can is made from whole wheat, with organic grain and conventional grain. Research studies support that a heart-healthy diet rich in whole grains is an ally in reducing your risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer.We can easily compare the results of whole grain and white grain in the right picture.
    The end result? Bland white flour, stripped of nutrients and fiber. It's "enriched" with a few vitamins, but there's really no comparison. The real health food is on the left, and junk food on the right.CONCLUSION: Easy way to change your lifeā€¦ eat 100% whole grain (PURE GRAIN